Competing projects

Edition 2017

Round 1 (February – March, 2017)

The 2017 Edition admitted 19 teams from 13 reputable universities, representing 9 countries in Asia, America, Europe, and Africa.

In this Round, the teams did a first analysis of their business idea and run a social support campaign in which they had to approach their stakeholders to get their support. Their work in this round is essential to get early feedback to develop their business model.

Top 5 performers of Round 1 that won the “IMPACTFUL SOCIAL BUSINESS IDEA AWARD” are:

  • 1. ViREd (Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India) – 80 points
  • 2. Solidariteas (Mount Royal University, Canada) – 78 points
  • 3. Good start (CFVG (Centre Franco-Vietnamien de formation à la Gestion), Vietnam) – 76.5 points
  • 4. Poverty Prevention Bonds (Tel Aviv University, Israel) – 73.5 points
  • 5. Purchase platform in Kenya (HEC Paris, France) – 70 points.

Overall results: Click here to see Round 1’s evaluation form

  • Average score: 64;
  • Lowest: 45;
  • Highest: 80.

Round 2 (April – May, 2017)

In Round 2, we admitted the top 14 teams from Round 1. They competed for the total $10,000 prize (each of the top 5 teams will receive $2000) by presenting their business models and crowdfunding results.

The top 5 performers of Round 2 that won the “SOCIAL BUSINESS CONCEPT AWARD” (each team received $2,000) are:

Overall results: ( Click here to see Round 2’s evaluation form):

  • Average score: 60.43;
  • Lowest: 45.67;
  • Highest: 71.33.

Final round (September 11-18, 2017)


The seven finalists pitched in two rooms in the morning. Two were selected from each room to the final round in the afternoon:

Salle Marie-Husny (CSC, 1st floor, green section)

Salle Hélène-Desmarais (CSC, 1st floor, blue section)

Full presentations

Click here to view the full presentations

  • First prize winner: Team “TrekHub”, Universidad Veracruzana (80 points)
  • Second prize winner: Team “ViRed”, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India (75 points). NOTE: Judge Claude Pinard representing Saputo Foundation gave an additional gift of $3,000 to ViRed, making its total cash prize to be $10,000.
  • Third prize winner: Team “Connect Afya”, HEC Paris, France (70 points)
  • Audience Award winner: Team “ViRed”, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India

Edition 2016

The 2016 Edition admitted 44 teams from 30 reputable universities, representing 16 countries in Asia, America, Europe, Africa and Australia (click here to see their project description). Click here to see our judges’ profiles


Round 1 results

Of the 27 teams that completed Round 1’s requirements (i.e. business concept presentation , stakeholder analysis, and proof of social support), the top 5 of Round 1 are:

Click here to see Round 1’s evaluation form


Round 2 results

Of 21 teams that completed Round 2’s requirements (i.e. business concept pitch and proof of crowdfunding campaign results), the top 5 of Round 2 are:

Click here to see Round 2’s evaluation form


Round 3 results

Pitch round

Below are result summary and the links to watch the 15 teams’ pitch presentations on September 12, 2016: -Room 1 – Demers (average score: 56; lowest: 50; highest: 64)

-Room 2 – Cogeco (average score: 60; lowest: 40; highest: 91)

-Room 3 – Rona (average score: 58; lowest: 50; highest: 70)

Final round

Here is the link to view the 3 finalists’ presentations:


Our winners are