What sort of ideas are you looking for?

Social Business Competition looks for ideas in which the business has potentials to create social impacts through its business activities (i.e. production, supply chain management, service to customers, etc.).

Who can enter the competition?

Social Business Creation competition is open to students at all levels (undergraduate and postgraduate) in all programs (including long-term, short-term, full-time and part-time programs) and all disciplines.

Non-student participants are encouraged to join, as long as at least one of the team members is a registered student at a higher education institution at the time of registration. The students may graduate before the end of the competition.

All members of participating teams must pay their registration fee to access SBC training and make presentations.

Why this competition can be considered as a curriculum course?

Social Business Competition is structured as a course which provides experiential learning and uses a gamification approach to enhance students’ learning experience. Participating students will learn how to use market mechanisms to address social challenges, leverage on a social collective mindset, collaborate with various stakeholders, and develop their business idea into a real business. This competition offers a win-win platform that allows for bottom-up development.

The amount of work required from participating students is equivalent to what is required from a 3-credit course. Therefore, you may integrate this competition into your curriculum and may award participating students with course credits according to your institution’s policy.

How do we register?
What is the process of registration?

After you have completed the online application, you will receive a confirmation letter from the organizers.

Admission decision is made on a rolling basis and you will receive your results within 10 working days after the organizers receive your complete application.

As soon as admitted, you can begin pursuing SBC online training and doing your field work.

How do I provide our Proof of student status? How and when do I know my team would be admitted?

At least one of your team members must be a student at the time of registration.

A copy of your transcript or a letter from your university certifying your student status will be sufficient.

You will receive the results within 10 working days from the date you submit your complete application package.

How and when do I pay my registration fee?

You will need to pay it only when your application is successful and within 10 days since you receive our acceptance letter.

Who are our Judges?

We invite prestigious business leaders and professors as well as inspirational and experienced social venture owners to be our judges. The profiles of our judges are available at http://socialbusinesscreation.hec.ca/about/judges/ .

If you would like to nominate yourself as a judge, please register at http://socialbusinesscreation.hec.ca/get-involved/register-as-a-judge . If your profile matches our needs, we will include you in our judge panel.